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Helsinki, Finland

Our proposal for a new central library of Helsinki has no threshold only a periphery, an invitation.

The gentle slope of the Makasiinipuisto park promenade leads to the heart of the design, an eighteen meter high glass roofed central courtyard; the green lung.

Connecting to all major program areas and behaving as a pedestrian distributor the courtyard and hanging gardens elude to a lively urban piazza . The children's space, offices, workrooms and restaurants reside to the north of the green lung. While on the southern end is the library, illuminated through a system of skylights and redirection lighting systems.
Collaboration with:

Sergio González, Luis Muñiz, Stephan Sobl, Giacomo Tinari

Energy & Building Performance:

Bernhard Sommer

The restaurant has been elevated from the ground floor in order to take full advantage of the sites picturesque views. An independent entrance allows the client service facilities to serve park visitors when the library is closed. A delicate interplay between collective public spaces and private alcoves engages the visitor and ensures equality and access of the buildings services.