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Broad Group | Hunan University

Hi-bitat summer work group will create a new image for Eastern urbanization. Participants will aid in the investigation and promotion of urban communities which retain a rural sense of localism.

This symbiosis between country and city life opens novel opportunities for sustainable growth, energy management, cultural exchange, and unique relationships of socioeconomic activity. The studio will focus on the urban development of Changsha, China.

Our goal is to empower architects, students and citizens with the knowledge we have developed and demonstrated throughout this course.
The students in the Hi-bitat summer session worked synergistically between advisers from Hunan University and the visiting professors instructors from the Broad Group. Collaboration between Hunan University and Broad will empower students with the knowledge and experience of utilizing sustainable urban design practices.

The work group will rethink conventional urban strategies and culminate with a design proposal for a city consisting of 300,000 inhabitants coexisting on 12 km2 of land.
The theories of contemporary urban design coupled with the tactility and ambition of the Broad Group make this course a harmonious and unique relationship between construction and the classroom.

Through industry and academia Chairman Zhang Yue has demonstrated a firm commitment to the perseverance of our environment; his support made this studio possible.


Xian M. Zhang, Giacomo Tinari, Professor Lu


Dean Wei Chunyu

Collaboration with:

Broad Group, Hunan University